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Flexible woven metal filter media with 3D-structure

For liquid filtration at high temperatures the material of choice is often sintered metal powder (PM) type filter. Tubular elements are available in a range of alloys and with pore sizes below 1 micron. The operational life of the media can easily extend over years, and its low maintenance is a strong argument for adoption. […]


Ever since the introduction of the FUNDABAC® Filter various kinds of clamps have been applied to securely fix the filter flexible media to the FUNDABAC® filter element. The clamps come in various forms, such as plastic wedge rings, one way clamps in stainless steel and re-usable screw clamps in stainless steel, titanium and zirconium. Clearly, […]

FUNDAMIX® Gas Injection

FUNDAMIX® Trial with size FM2 with Gasinjection through the shaft at different flows and amplitudes With the injection through the shaft (which is not possible with a rotating stirrer) a better dispersion can be reached and the solution is much cheaper as a sparger ring. Also better suitable for CIP/SIP.