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Clampless Filter Media Fastener

Ever since the introduction of the FUNDABAC® Filter some kinds of clamps have been applied to fix the filter media to the filter element and assure tightness. Clamps are coming in various forms, such as plastic wedge rings, one way clamps in stainless steel and screw clamps in stainless steel, titanium and zirconium. With the introduction of the clampless design for our plastic filter elements, such clamps become obsolete. Here, the filter media is fixed with a special screw mechanism to the filter element.


  • Smooth design: No cake deposit on the clamp
  • Metal free
  • No difference in thermal expansion (long term filter media fixation is proven)
  • No corrosion attack
  • Suitable for metallic and plastic registers
  • Suitable for a wide range of filter media.
  • Upon request, the filter elements can be supplied with the filter media already assembled. This will reduce on site assembly of filter internals to a minimum.

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