DrM Single-Use Pinch Valve

Pinch valves are often used in single-use applications for on/off flow control. As the valve does not get in contact with the process media it does not require replacement of any parts. Only the flexible tubing is being changed as a single use item. For non-pressure designs simple solenoid-driven pinch valves can be used, but when pressure needs to be applied, such as in filtration equipment the significantly tougher tubings together with the internal pressure pose a significant burden to the pinch valve and standard solenoids normally cannot do the job.

A newly developed design allows for on/off control of pressurized single-use tubings in a compact package. The electrically driven actuator is a microprocessor-controlled geared motor which opens and closes when an ON or OFF signal is received. The tubing firmly sits in a well-defined bed which guarantees uninterrupted operation for many cycles. The valve can easily be installed within a cabinet with only the actuated part being visible.

The combination of this component with our single use filtration system is a perfect fit.