DrM’s Recently Launched Webshop

In digital networking along the value chains and the entire life cycle of market / product services, DrM, Dr. Mueller AG has great economic potential. An individual combination of technologies, methods, data, models, services and processes contributes to on-going process optimisations.

In addition to product development, DrM also invests significantly in the extension of suitable interfaces to its customers and representatives.

The continuing development of the DrM online shop offers our customer a platform where all of his procured filters are listed, showing specifically selected spare parts for these plants. Through its use, it is possible to transmit offers and orders electronically in real time. The resulting increased customer satisfaction combined with better cost effectiveness, performance efficiency and productivity is thus achieved.

The clear and easy-to-understand structure allows error-free data processing resulting in satisfactory services to the benefits of our customers and representatives.

Key Benefits:

  • All products at a glance
  • Digital transformation
  • Documentation
  • Easy to use
  • Flexibility / individuality
  • Low error rate
  • Information transparency
  • Technical Assistance
  • Networking
  • Time savings (no waiting times)