The Importance of Lab & Pilot Testing

Our Testing Process

We at DrM believe that lab scale and pilot testing are indispensable tools for selection, sizing and validation of process equipment.

This is why we offer a unique fleet of testing and rental equipment ranging from a 0.001 m2 lab Nutsche, via our 0.012 m2 TSD pocket filter and mono-candle pilot units up to full scale production skids. Our skilled laboratory staff and process specialists are at your disposal to solve almost every filtration problem.

A new or unknown filtration task usually starts with Nutsche tests followed by lab scale trials on our TSD pocket filter. These tests are often performed at DrM’s in-house filtration laboratory using the original product mixtures at realistic condition whenever possible. Clients are invited to attend the testing, become an eye-witness and discuss the results as they are generated. Already at this stage important data on flow, pressure, filtrate quality, residual moisture, washing yield, filter aid demand and other parameters are determined. After significant lab scale testing it is possible to size the full-scale production equipment, provide budgetary quotes and preliminary layouts.

In a next step larger scale testing on mono-candle pilot units or semi-scale demonstration units follows under most realistic conditions. During such campaigns the lab results are refined and the processes are optimized. The goal now is to achieve a stable and continuous operation, gain experience and fine-tune the filtration system. The insight serves the process engineer and plant designer for sound planning and specification of the full-scale production equipment. After the execution of significant pilot tests the determination of a performance or process guarantee is normally possible.

Test Report

A consistent and precise testing procedure must be accompanied with an efficient and functional reporting system. For this DrM developed its own test reporting database which is running in the cloud and can be accessed by our whole team. This allows our service engineers and partners to get access from anywhere around the World. Data is entered in an organised fashion and reports including graphical views are produced within minutes. Pictures and videos taken during the testing can be added to document the trials. The system can be accessed on mobile devices, laptops or through any web browser.