Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Blood PlasmaMixing of the fractioning additives to get the most efficient emulsifying effect under sterile conditions
InsulinMixing of insulin with low shear force during the crystallisation and filling of ampules
VaccinesSterile mixing applications with CIP and SIP
Mammalian CellsEffective cell growth without cell damage in aneorobic fermentation processes
TetanusDegassing of toxic gases from the fermentation process with gas injection
Deaeration of Sterile LiquidsFoam reduced mixing and degassing of sterile liquids under vacuum
FMD VaccinesSterile low shear mixing of cell suspensions
Nasal SprayMixing of active components with carrier substances under high pressure
CosmeticsMixing and emulsification of vegetable fat in the pre-production stage
Contact LensesStorage of the base material for plastic contact lenses
HomeopathicsHigh intensity mixing of ingredients